Excellence in Coaching. Greatness in Leadership.

CEOs and their executive leadership teams are increasingly challenged to find a balance between their knowledge, experience, hierarchical authority and their personal leadership effectiveness. Coaching is the most potent method to optimize leadership effectiveness and transformational change.

The coaches and leadership experts at the Hislop Group drive relentless uncompromising transformational success in our clients.

Adaptive Authority
Action to Reliability
One-on-One Executive Coaching

We work with CEOs and senior executives to develop leadership skills and executive presence to effectively navigate and lead complex organisations in global markets.

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Executive Team Coaching Workshops & Programs

We work with senior executive leadership teams on their individual leadership effectiveness and on the performance of their executive peers.

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Short Term Intensive Coaching One-on-One

We work with executives to address behavioural issues, hazardous “derailing” behaviour, or to address specific executive challenges.

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High Potential Coaching One-on-One

We work with organisations to identify and develop high-potential leaders for strategic retention, positioning and succession planning.

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“Executive coaches occupy a position of complex trust and entwined relationship with their executive and corporate clients. In the past they have built reputations based on good intentions but low accountability. Too often coaching uncouples from what is possible and attaches to what is comfortable. This deadens its impact and compromises its long-term effectiveness. Great coaches must occupy positions as partners and confidants and hold their clients in the harsh discomfort of change that leaders must constantly endure. Coaches must embody the change we have advocated as observers. It’s time to get in the arena.”

– Peter Hislop