Peter Hislop.

Peter Hislop is passionately committed to delivering the most impactful executive coaching to senior executives and high potential leaders. He has built his practice on coaching senior Executives, CEOs and Board Members – and in the past has built and lead teams of experienced coaches to work with senior executive teams in Australia and overseas.”

As an executive coach, Peter has demonstrates a distinctive ability for recognising and developing leadership potential in Senior Executives. He has particular expertise in assisting high potential executives to firstly recognise their personal leadership core values, and then to build and grow the requisite personal behaviours, skills and resilience they require to step up to senior executive leadership responsibility, and to succeed in leading and influencing their organisation’s strategy, goals and culture. The success of Peter’s executive coaching style is driven by his strong belief in the power of accepting personal challenge and the goal of personal greatness. He sees greatness in part demonstrated in self-mastery and a deep commitment to excellence.

He has formed, trained and lead a team of elite coaches supporting an executive leadership program in the USA. For 3-4 years he worked with Ram Charan, Gary Hamel, David Dotlitch, Dave Ulrich and others to deliver a preeminent leadership program to senior executives of a top ten Australian company.

Subject Matter Expert to Leader.

Peter Hislop’s keynote address titled Subject Matter Expert (SME) to Leader introduces senior executives to challenge and balance their well developed subject matter knowledge or expertise, their “knowledge or decision authority with an effective, personally connected leadership presence or authority.
Peter explains in this key note, with examples, why the modern executive must balance their ability to analyse and decide with an effective and practiced ability to seek answers from others, to listen to learn to be curious.
Duration: 40-45 mins plus questions. Shorter variations are available.

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Do the Right Thing.

The majority of leadership and culture change programs have failed to achieve transformational change . Is it not time for the community of business to recognise that in the fallout from 2008, the Australian Royal Commission, the rush to short term technical solutions to what are clearly complex adaptive problems, we have found the enemy and it is us. As a coach and observer to a variety of executive teams from top 10 ASX, to international , Peter has an unswerving belief in the basic and ever-present goodness of 99% of the population. Peters speech shows how a desire to do the right thing, to act in accordance with an individuals basic sense of value and acceptable behaviours will create the strongest and most effective and resilient culture possible..
Duration: 40-45 mins plus questions.

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Challenges of the Exec Team

Peter draws on his extensive experience of facilitating workshops with organisations, with senior executive teams, as they assess and re-assess what their roles are, functions are and how to face into their responsibilities for the enterprise over their Subject Matter Expertise.
Duration: 20-30 mins.

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Curiosity of Humble Enquiry

Peter believes that curiosity and the ability to ask and not tell is a hallmark of leadership in a world of complexity and ambiguity.
His experience in coaching CEOs and senior executives has convinced him that leading teams is a much more personal challenge then ever before.  An executive’s ability to discover the hidden motives and fears and aspirations of their team is a huge determiner of their daily effectiveness
Duration: 20-30 mins.

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Executive Behaviours

From Peter’s extensive experience with coaching senior executives and from his experience in facilitating and coaching to cultural change programs. Peter has developed two models that support the transformational change needed for executives to effectively role model and promote any cultural change sought.
Duration: 20-30 mins.

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“It has been too easy to be an executive coach. But look at what we do, who we work with, the numbers of stakeholders that expect more and more from senior leaders. Being an executive coach should be a mixture of white knuckle excitement, and hard hard work discovering truth and huge courage to bring that truth to power.”

– Peter Hislop